Discourse on the Rays of God

 The essence of the Rays of God is a very complicated science and needs to be studied with the aspect of one’s Higher Mind or I Am Presence. The following information is given as a guide to assist an individual to try to comprehend within the physical vehicle exactly what the Rays mean in our lives and how to comprehend them on a physical level. This is not always easy. As can happen, the student studies for some time, and the information does not click within the physical mind. Then all of a sudden a light bulb goes on and it is as a clear as the morning sun on a beautiful day. The following information is only a compilation of facts but the true resultant factor is when the student understands the material and puts it into practice. Then the life of the student changes dramatically. This is exactly how the Rays work within our present existence. Each individual knows what this material is about; it is just understanding in the capacity of your present existence. This is the beauty of learning any new information. Practice the tools and you shall reap the benefits. Allow the learning process to begin.

 The Rays of God come to us directly from the source of Creation. They have always been with us and are part of our existence. There are seven rays that emanate from GOD to each of us. Each ray represents a different aspect of creation, color, personality type, qualities in both lower & upper expressions, and correlation with a specific chakra. The color of the ray has no bearing on the color of the chakra. This is where the information can sometimes be confusing.

 The overseer of all the rays, 1 through 12, is now the Maha Chohan St. Germain. He is constantly aware of the movement and activity within each ray and you can call upon him to assist you if you are unsure which ray is needed for a specific situation. There is a Chohan or Lord of each Ray. There also may be additional Ascended Masters that are leaders of the rays. Each of the Seven Great Archangels are also associated with Rays 1 through 7.

 When each individual incarnates, they bring with them six ray types: Monad, Soul, Personality, Mind, Emotions, and Physical Body. One can have all one ray within the six aspects or separate rays for each. Additionally, all of the rays can be utilized to help one in their current path, issues, challenges, and growth. It is important that if you are going to ask for healing for another individual that you either ask them personally or contact their Higher Self. It is Universal Law.

The First Seven Rays of God



Power – Vitality, initiative, thrust, breaks down the old and makes way for the new, detachment, courage, clear vision, strength.
Vices: Pride, ambition, willfulness, arrogance, desire to control others.
Virtues to be acquired: Tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience
Very dynamic energy, should be used with caution.


Love/Wisdom – Radiance, attraction, expansion, inclusiveness, the power to save, intuition, insight, unity, patience & endurance.
Vices: Over absorption in study, coldness indifference to others.
Virtues to be acquired: Love, compassion, earnest Spiritual study.


Active Intelligence/WisdomPhysical action; power of manifestation, power to evolve, illumination, perseverance, clear mindedness, adaptability.
Vices: Intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, obstinacy, selfishness, overly critical.
Virtues to be acquired: compassion, tolerance, devotion, accuracy, common sense.


Harmony, Beauty – Purity, artistic development, creativity, balance, symmetry, equilibrium, the power to express Divinity & growth, physical courage.
Vices: self-centeredness, worrying, inaccuracy, lack of moral courage.
Virtues to be acquired: Serenity, confidence, self-control, unselfishness.


New Age Science or Knowledge – Research, keen intellect, attention to detail, truthfulness, analytical, the power to make the voice of silence heard, intricate & minute details.  Vices: Harsh criticism, narrowness, arrogance, unforgiving temper, lack of compassion, prejudice. Virtues to be acquired: Reverence, devotion, compassion, love & open-mindedness.


Devotion – Spirituality, religious fervor, sacrificial love, burning enthusiasm for a cause, the power to transcend desire, the power to detach.
Vices: Selfish & jealous love, over-leaning on others, self-deception, prejudice, fiery anger. Virtues to be acquired: Strength, self-sacrifice, purity, truth, tolerance serenity and balance.


Freedom, Alchemy, Transmutation, Ceremonial Magic – Sacred living, spiritual tradition, organization, violet flame, spiritual grounding.
Vices: Bigotry, pride, narrowness, self-opinion, overindulgence.
Virtues to be acquired: Realization of unity, open-mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness and love.



Message From Sananda
Beloved Ones,

As you move into the coming times, we ask you to be aware of and work more closely with your chakras and the twelve Rays, as you release all that no longer serves you. All that you have lived is within your energetic signature. It is the light which you radiate out to all others. It is the love of your Sacred Heart; it is the very essence of who you are as you express your Divinity. Your energetic signature may be light and bright or it may be filled with darkness and blemishes. As you release each day, you will lighten your density and you will become the light of your Divine I Am Presence. Assist yourselves in this transition, and use the twelve Rays as you bring in the personality of God, your I Am Presence. The twelve Rays will help you cleanse and clear and bring forth the balance and the harmony which you desire. The twelve Rays will assist you in bringing balance and harmony within your chakra system and they will assist you in bringing forth and anchoring your light body into the physical. The five higher Rays have been brought forth to give you even greater assistance, as you integrate the love of your Sacred Heart.



Rainbow Cloud, Himalayas, 3/18/11

 “When the bow is in the cloud, then I will look upon it, to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” Genesis 9:16

A divine dispensation of five higher rays were granted to this planet because of its impending movement into the fourth dimension and the New Age. They are a combination of the first seven rays with a touch of Source Light, or white Light, which gives them a luminous quality.

Clear and Cleansing Ray – It helps to clean out those characteristics and qualities within the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies that one no longer needs and wants to get rid of.  It is composed of rays 4, 7 and 5 with a touch of white light mixed together. 

Love, Joy, Passion for Life – Helps one to attract their full potentials by first with the Body of Light and also continues the cleansing process that the 8th Ray starts, it is composed of Rays 1,2 and white light.

Code the patterns of Light formations within the body and access their true Divinity, drawing in your I Am presence. Allows all the changes a person has been seeking to bring it fully within themselves. It is a combination of Rays 1, 2, and 3 mixed with white light.

Bridging of the New Age and helps one to be in touch with Divine, Love/Wisdom, balancing masculine and feminine. It is a combination of Rays 1, 2, 5, and white light.

Cosmic Fire – Golden Ray and anchoring of the Christ Consciousness – THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN. Provides ease and grace in one’s creation. It is a combination of all the rays with white light.


Lord Maha Chohan/Lord of the Seven Rays

The Maha Chohan is the head, or hierarch, of the seven chohans of the rays. His name means “the Great Lord,” which is an office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. He embodies the white light of the seven rays and teaches the balance and integration of these rays through the eighth ray. He also teaches that true love carries every other virtue and every other point of God-mastery.

The Maha Chohan is a representative of the Holy Spirit to earth and her evolutions. He initiates souls in the secret chamber of the heart and helps them prepare to receive all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues. Because of his pledge to all mankind to keep the flame until they are able, he is sometimes called the “Keeper of the Flame.”

There is an office of Maha Chohan in the Spiritual Hierarchy as well as an Individual Being. – Lord Maha means Great Lord. He is Lord over the Chohans. Maha Chohan is a third ray activity. It has been the office through which the Godhead worked on the rays from the third to the seventh. However, this action changed recently (a few years ago), and the first and second rays now also come under the Maha Chohan. A Being must have developed and embodied all the divine virtues and have mastered all of the seven rays before He qualified to be a Maha Chohan.  Archangel Gabriel is now Maha Chohan.

A Maha Chohan represents the Holy Spirit (which consists of all the divine qualities of the Godhead) to a planet. The Holy Spirit represents action and light and vitalizes whatever ray is in action. The Maha Chohan is the director of the activity of the Holy Spirit for the Earth which assists the development of the divine feelings in mankind. Holy Ghost really means Holy Spirit (the word ghost refers to a shadowy, ephemeral thing). The Holy Spirit is the consciousness of the Lord Maha Chohan, His powers, qualities and activities, His Cosmic Flame.

The Maha Chohan is at the head of the Elemental kingdom; and is the authority over manifestations in nature. He draws and supplies the energy used in all nature and by mankind. He is the magnet to draw that power from the Sun. He directs the various forms of culture and civilizations through the minds of embodied individuals so as to unfold and develop according to the divine plan.

The Maha Chohan is the One Who gives the first breath to every new born child; He also takes the last breath of every individual as he passes on. The Lord Maha Chohan has not had personal contact with chelas (students) through the ages, as He does now.

It is said that the great Ascended Being Who is now the Lord Maha Chohan was embodied as Homer, the blind poet. Homer learned to harmonize his herd of goats with the Comfort Flame. In his next embodiment he began to use the Comfort Flame when only thirteen years of age, he was assigned to harmonize seven thousand people through the use of the Comfort Flame; he sustained that for some forty years. Soon after that He made the Ascension. His particular virtue is Comfort which He gives to mankind and all life on Earth. His symbol is the white dove. The Dove represents the Maha Chohan Who is the representative of the Holy Spirit. His banner is purple; upon it is the emblem of the white dove from which eminate seven rays. Ivy which is a symbol of ever-lasting life, seems to be a favorite of His and much used by Him. He usually wears a white robe and white turban with a topaz on the forehead of the turban. The topaz is very frequently used by Him. He has golden hair and His eyes are amber color. He uses the fragrance of cinnamon. His keynote is “Homing”.

The retreat of the Maha Chohan is located over Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, an island in the Indian Ocean.

The Seven Great Archangels

The Seven Great Archangels represent the seven primary feelings, the Rays with their Aspects and Attributes that is the Divine Dispensation. These Attributes must be developed within the nature of Humankind in order to attain Masterhood. Each Ray dominates in your astrological chart as in the monadic, soul, astral, mental personality and the physical . They bring forth the force of Love energy of the Divine. Three distinct types of Intelligent Life, Angels, Humanity and Elementals were brought forth to unfold their Divine Natures on this Planet Earth.

Their combined energies were ordained to weave the spiritual bridge to tie the Earth to the Heart of God. The Angelic Host came forth under the direction of the Seven Great Archangels who came from the Great Central Sun. The Elohim had prepared the Planets out of the primordial energy and unformed Light Body of the Creator.


Purpose is to be able to see the beauty existing in all things, to balance opposing tendencies in order to bring about a greater harmony. Master the art of living, to be the Divine Artist, one who seeks to raise humanity’s consciousness through the realizations of the beauty and harmony existing in nature and in the world of forms, by being a mediator between heaven and earth.

Ask for Archangel Michael to assist you in the quality of leadership that you need to take.

He will guide and protect you as you move through the shadows of illusion into the eternal light of truth. After you have earned the right to, once again, use the energies of the “First Ray”, you can activate and enhance its powers by visualizing a ray of brilliant blue light, tinged with flames of deep red. Bath yourself in this beautiful energy by standing in a beam of this Divine light. Use with moderation, this ray can be very intense.


Love is force . The Angels come from the heart of God. With love comes the opening up of all wisdom that there is. Conversely, when all of wisdom is yours, you can’t be anything but love.

Who better than the Angels to teach us the Heart of God. Archangel Jophiel and The Second Ray helps one to look at wisdom from the perspective of love. Love is a force.

 Ideals must be goals attainable at a given level of movement. As each ideal is attained, then set higher ones. But if ideals have been set with unrealistic expectation of the ego, at some time they will stop becoming ideals and they will become causes of pain and suffering, causes of disappointment and resentment. The angel Jophiel lovingly helps you set your ideals and attain goals.

Monadic Ray is love wisdom, come from that largest aspect of energy that directly emanates love wisdom. It can do this by a process of teaching but it can also do this by just subtle emanations. Those hermits, sages sitting in silence and yet are all there, emanate this love wisdom. In physical manifestation they enjoy knowledge. The heart rejoices at the aspect of learning something new. When the soul draws you towards wisdom, the Personality will also strive to access knowledge and knowledge will be instantly applied and become wisdom.


Humanity came from the mind of God and all the angels from the heart of God. Both are the same in the eyes of God. “Heart and Mind”. Yet humanity with it’s duality can only have the mind and the lower mental. The Divine Plan is that angels, elementals, and humanity must evolve onto to the way back home. Archangel Chamuel has the task of gently ushering humanity with active intelligence to think that universal truth is not static. It is dynamic and it is constantly changing.

A few human incarnations have come to help in the process of thought, in order to aid the monadic families to rewrite the truth as pertinent to those. A marvelous responsibility. The monadic ray thinker is the abstract thinker. Utopia. Paradise. Shambala. The ray of active intelligence, there is awareness of all that is around. Observing, looking and seeing, thinking and recognizing the need for change.

The change that is necessary. Sometimes humanity knows what is to be changed but is not able to apply it. Archangel Chamuel assists in the study and the action to be able to manifest it.


Gabriel’s interest in this planet is probably due to his function as heavenly awakener, the angel of vibratory transformation, the Ray 4.

As we live in a constant conflict, Gabriel is our most frequent visitor from the higher realms. Gabriel in Hebrew means ‘man of God’, and is seen as God’s messenger.

The ray 4 can be used as a conscious deliberate tool in your life. Then you will stop fighting its power. When you are in the midst of a conflict, may it be mental, emotional or physical, use the power of Archangel Gabriel, to focus on that conflicting situation in order to bring it quickly to its resolution.

Ray 4 does not create conflict in order to bring trouble. It does it in order to create harmony and Archangel Gabriel will assist you in it. Do it in awareness. Ray 4 can only work through accelerated conflict. Not all welcome this path to resolution.


Raphael is perhaps the most endearing of all the angels. He is the high archangel charged with healing of the Earth. Raphael is the travelers guide, guardian of youth. Archangel Raphael is the angel for the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge, Sciences and Intelligence. It is that ray that you call upon when you wish to learn any stream of knowledge, whether it is pure sciences, or applied sciences, whether it is medicine or engineering, whether it is in your field of computers or it is as abstract as astrology, whether it is perfect or completely incorrect.

Any kind of science. Knowledge and its structured learning require the potency of Archangel Raphael and Ray 5. In spirit world, ray 5 is very, very vital because unlike other realms where knowledge is inherent, and unforgotten, in human realm knowledge is neither inherent nor is it remembered. The spirit realm is a realm which deliberately and consciously chooses streams of knowledge. With the help of Archangel Raphael deliberately and consciously attempt to understand and then remember it. Using this ray as though you are using a silver laser beam, allow this silver laser beam to focus on those parts of the physical brain that are involved in the learning. Because of the lack of that stream of knowledge you may not even know which part of your brain needs this but the silver laser will. But you have to call upon Archangel Raphael and ask help in the Light has still so much left to create. And it is waiting, deliberating, what it should create next and when it does, it leaves this task to the Archangel Raphael and monadic family of ray 5 to create the rules, structures, norms, standards for this new knowledge. It is Archangel Raphael who puts the thought in the minds of men.


Ray six a ray for religion and devotion. Little was understood about the ray six. It was meant to bring devotion and structure. Many masters came into physical incarnation to teach humanity. Scattered knowledge needed the mastery of the Masters. Then the masters withdrew hoping that those in physical form would continue. But, there was little understanding of the self. All that was being practiced was dogma and rituals all in the name of devotion and service. The Divine withdrew the Ray six. The sixth Ray souls come from a family of souls that are only meant to serve. Theirs is the strongest connection to the Angelic Realm. They are only there to serve. When the path is of dedication, service and devotion, Archangel Uriel holds out his hand and gently guides the person through, sometimes through a difficult path. Service and devotion brings at times great adversity. Call on the Archangel Uriel to be with you. It is a powerful ray and the Archangel of Salvation Uriel will guide you through.


The seventh Ray , the ray of the earthly realm, A wonderful ray of manifestation. It has been labeled as magic because in the earthly realms, manifestation is considered magical, miraculous. It is not something that happens on a regular basis. Archangel Zadkiel and the ray wish this to change. Magic in everyday life. Belief in Manifestation. It must now become the standard, the norm, the expected, not the unexpected, not the unknown, not the mysterious. The evolution of the self. In the new energies of the higher dimensions, earth and humanity are ready for manifestation, deliberate, conscious, willed manifestation, to make possible that which you desire. If humanity is the mirror of the Divine, then, humanity too must manifest.

The ray has come in at a unique moment in our time frame. Humanity has not completely entered the 5th dimensional realm of the spirit. Yet, humanity is not in the 3rd dimensional realm of the ego. Into this change and turmoil realm enters the 7th ray, giving both spirit and ego the strength to manifest. And so ego is equally strong in its manifestation as spirit, and often stronger in those whose identity with spirit is still fuzzy.

Spirit is in fact joyous and spontaneous. Spirit does not require sacrifice, it does not require suppression, it does not require dedicated burdening of self. The world of old laboriously practiced devotion and dedication and idealism. The whole process of ascension becomes a tedious chore. The angels understand the mastery of the universe and aid in manifestation. A thought here, a quiet nudge they are doing the Divine work for your Light body activation.


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Remember, do you remember? Call on the Masters and Archangels for help with these rays.   All of their Love is available to you, you need only ask.

As I finish this article, I stepped out to take a dip in the pool and cool off. A beautiful, white bird with over a foot wingspan appeared and flew over me. Thank you to all of the beautiful beings who work with me day and night.

Lots of Love and Light,

Pamela Johnson

August 10, 2011


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