This crop circle at Chilcomb Ranges, Nr Winchester, Hampshire reported on August 3rd, 2016 depicts a 100-day calendar with 77 days completed and 23 days remaining. 

I will outline here how it also represents the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan and provided us with the date of the return of the Divine Cosmic Fire. 

Firstly, notice the landscape.  The farmer’s intersections create an apex in the middle of the crop circle, revealing a four-sided pyramid of five levels.  You can see from the top view that Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun was created with five levels. The pyramids in each calendar box are also a clue. 



In the following landscape, you see the Avenue of the Dead to the left.  The crop circle of the Pyramid of the Sun is accurately midway on the right of the Avenue (enlarged in black and white, follow the yellow line).   In the fields to the right, you see the Rabbit or Lamat, one of the four mayan Year Bearers.


Counting backwards 77 days from August 3rd, WE arrive at May 19th, the most important date encoded at Teotihuacan. May 19th is the day the Cave on the west side of the Pyramid of the Sun aligns with the setting sun.  This was the location of the first New Fire Ceremony of the Age after the Flood.  According to legend, Quetzalcoatl was the only being not burned up by the fire. Of course, this would be the Divine Fire, the intense frequency at the center of the pyramid.  The word ‘pyramid’ essentially means ‘fire in the middle’.


New Fire Ceremonies were held every 52 years thereafter.  Martin Matz of the Mazatec Indians orally transferred the meaning of the New Fire Ceremony where initiates are taught of the World Ages, Divine Cosmic Fire and Ascension and the success of Quetzalcoatl.  Unfortunately, we can see how the knowledge was lost and the Aztecs began human sacrifices to fire. 

Counting forwards 23 days from August 3rd is August 26th.  On this day (and thereafter) the incoming plasma photons, gamma rays and extremely highly charged ion atmosphere was so intense that Children of the Sun, Gatekeepers and high-vibe tribe were so elevated as to never return to duality again.  WE were burning up, everything was on fire.  Like Quetzalcoatl, WE survived.  WE proceeded from the Lions Gate into full ascension mode and acceleration of the Ascension Timeline.  Awakening to Divinity, through Divine Fire, the return of the Christed Beings of Light.

NOW, it is Time for the Mass Awakening of Humanity!

Lots and Lots of Love and Light,