Today and every day from today WE celebrate Peace. Let there BE Peace in our Heart, our Family, our Community, our World, our Universe. There are many special meditations Being held to take advantage of the August 25th MerKaBa alignment and the August 26th Lions Gate. The community of Lightworkers has worked hard to achieve the necessary critical mass and Become a literal Portal of Peace. WE are the Portal people. But I tell you the power is in every one of Us, not on a specific date that comes and goes. WE are a Living and Breathing Meditation in every moment of every day. PLEASE Let US Create Heaven on Earth Now. Take each step in conscious Gratitude to Gaia for supporting Humanity much longer than we deserve. Make Peace with our neighbors and Forgive everything.

WE have all been living in survival mode due to the powers that were. This is End Game, they are exposed and failing. Now WE no longer recognize or support their authority over Humanity. WE are the New Earth here and Now. WE are rising out of the ashes, individually and collectively. WE are Becoming a great Galactic civilization. May our Hearts BE Light as a feather. LIVE IN LOVE and LIGHT! From My Heart to your Heart,

Vision Written by Jolie Ennik: 

What i see in my energy is that all the new high, never so high before, frequencies make obvious en see-able all the frequencies that can not raise… because disturbing energies are not able to raise their frequencies. What i see is that we human beings have to decide to send those energies to the light. They will afterwards then be pulled out of our system. when we do not report these disturbances to the light and do not ask for transformation/ healing they will not leave us… it is the conscious choice and action we have to do so, what is happening in the world is the see-ability of all energy that disturb us. People who are not conscious of these energies and simply react/talk back to these low frequencies will have negative outcome in connection to people who understand/are conscious. There will be an energetic fighting in the spheres/dimensions and on earth. That will have a negative outcome in the materialistic world built by people and in (intimate) relationships and in manifestations. The earth grows further…Everything that is not in line with the light will fall…all thought to be arranged things by people will be unsecure…because the earth needs more conscious decisions by people.

Also in the head and body of people will be a fighting when low frequencies meet high frequencies; disconnection, misunderstanding, failure. That is what is happening when people get mindsick.  The only solution is to make rapport to the Light and ask for freedom and transformation according to the Light.

The reason there is still not peace on earth is divers, it is karma and it is because humanity has not reached full high consciousness. When we want freedom and peace we do need to learn to do make rapport and ask for release of all those negative/low energies. from us and from earth, because the earth is full, no place to rent anymore…just like 2000 years before.

So it is not true that simply the Light may block out the low…because it is the learning process of humanity to ask for and be prepared and willing to learn in the process what is low/disturbing energie we will not meet with anymore or live by. So in one generation we will be conscious and we will get peace.

Prayer Written by Eva Garza:

For Lions Gate I pray for the souls attached to the Illusion.  I see the clouds of souls that have become lost in illusion and seeing themselves as matter have sunk into matter upon loosing their vessels. they are lost in their dream and there they agonize in an infinite rotating wheel. They have turned with Gaia in the dark night of the soul but dawn is here and Gaia wants to heal this level of her auric body. The Christ Consciousness heard the call and has risen as the path, the bridge for these lost souls to find their connection to Source again. With outstretched arms The Christ stands with Gaia to call back these aspects of All that is home. May the all hear the call and enter the path which has been prepared for them. May they be freed from the wheel of reincarnation in illusion. WE are all supporting and beaming these energies with great love in our hearts and compassion for these souls. We visualize these souls which are a portion of us coming back into our opened hearts and merging in a divine embrace with us in Source. 

Received from representatives of the Galactic Council by Lyra, Living Shaman:

To continue…”Our messages have been consistent in regards to directing attention to the ascension of  Elementals and their Ethereal counter parts as keys for humanity’s awakening. The evolution of elemental beings are great allys for you and are celebrated conduits for “unseen Ones” such as ourselves, who act as Earth, Wisdom, & Crystal Keepers.  Elementals assist to transmit information, codes, frequencies and vibrations aligned with sacred geometries, stargates, portals, grids and the like for Consciousness to align with 144 crystal grid matrix for Unity. Sacred conscious communion with elementals has been all but forgotten, except in some of your indigenous cultures and medicine circles. So the trines of earth and water are wise to resource. Then elemental winds/air are breathed through your bodies from the Stargate and fan the fire within your being and Mother Earth. Crystal fires will ignite in the sacred heart through the trines of earth and water with the breath of the invisible. Harmony will sing halaluhas.

I will summarize a lengthy dialogue of Q & A with the galactics for what may be beneficial for your own discovery process or meditation with Merkaba configuration.

The play is like this. Gaia’s vibration will represent ice…solid on ground…3D…density. The elementals that one might consider resonating with are also, bone, crystal, rock, clay etc.  However, we are using ice as our metaphor to grid with Gaia. The next is Sophia. This parallel earth reality is mid point in an inverted (facing down) triangle. For Sophia’s grid, consider the element of water as conduit for transmissions. This is also emotional, intuitive, lunar, cellular, all waters and water beings on and below the surface of earth.

With Sophia we are connecting with a more fluid reality… more right brain…. feminine… nonlinear…4D-5D.  The last one for the inverted triangle grid alignment is called The Blue Jewel. The energetic signature for this parallel earth reality, rose from the depths of our subconscious and imprinted the collective human psyche with the photo of Earth from space; which we behold in our consciousness now. The Blue Jewel is a higher transforming/transcending earth reality. The play here is for Blue Jewel to represent the vapors, steam, air, winds, ethereal and the like of higher density elemental nature… 5D-6D. I have also experienced the over-lighting devas of all species with Blue Jewel.  Higher self/ oversoul consciousness may be connected/physicalized through this Blue Jewel earth grid with greater ease. To anchor these high frequencies at this Merkaba timing is important grounding so we do nor “fly” away into transcendental nether lands. Seriously :-o. Blue Jewel tends to recognize Father Earth with more clarity for my perception, as a balanced divine masculine that plays a supportive partner and equal. This support is needed for protection and harmony for Earth Mother’s release and rebirthing thru densities 3D-4D-5D. Deep breathing with Blue Jewel has been awesome and impeccable for clearing mental fields. I invite you to explore this. The color blue, blue ray, blue wave, blue star, all support higher vibration alignments in their mysterious ways.

I/Spirit wanted to offer this imagery/energy of an earth chalice (Holy Grail) to receive and drink deeply from this sacred water/wine/nectar/communion with this alignment… Merkaba, grand sextile, grand cross… It is a potent/fertile opportunity for personal transformation, information as well as, to be of service.

In these accelerated frequencies, we need to be very alert and balanced on the sharp edge of a sword. It is not a time to give it up, be apathetic, cynical, game plays, sloppy etc. …unconscious.  For that will create spin offs that will be very difficult to come out of and quite unnecessary to do to ourself and others around us. So let’s remember to be awake, alive, alert with precision balance and impeccable integrity. Masters One and All.

Last, you can keep it simple by really feeling your passion and highest excitement with love, appreciation and gratitude. Spirit will do the rest. I also suggest to go to or imagine being together with other beings who are smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

Sacred blessings and journey well, ❤ ❤ ❤!/pamela.johnson.77

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